ditullo designs

A New American Design Hero: Michael DiTullo

Multitalented and multidisciplinary designer Michael DiTullo has conceived innumerable products from footwear to automobiles to razors to speakers. But for DiTullo, everything starts with a simple sketch on a sheet of paper that he uses to rapidly communicate an idea, usually to a client or a manufacturer. From a sketch, a manager or business person can quickly grasp what DiTullo has in mind from a design standpoint, what it would take to produce such an item and possibly what the manufacturing costs and/or potential production obstacles might be.


Pushing the Scientific Envelope: NASA

In the immediate aftermath of World War II, both the United States and the Soviet Union continued to advance their already-substantial military programs of aeronautics research, some of which had contributed significantly to particular victories during the war.

Mobile Visionary: William Hawley Bowlus

In the years following World War II, America experienced what's now termed a "postwar boom" economically. Soldiers coming home from the conflict were able to buy houses cheaply, and American industry went into overdrive producing consumer goods that new American families would buy.