exterior photo of trump winery in charlottesville west virginia

High-style Country Living: Trump Winery

People all over the world have wildly varying opinions of American President Donald Trump, basing most of them on their knowledge of his politics, his family and perhaps his real estate empire. Yet notwithstanding their views on these topics, many of these same people might be surprised to learn that the American president is also the owner of one of the largest wineries on the country’s East Coast (in fact, his is the largest by area in the entire state of Virginia).

amangiri hotel

Desert Oasis: The Amangiri Hotel in Canyon Point, Utah

In 2009, a radiant new jewel in the crown of American hospitality opened in the far desert region of Canyon Point, Utah on the edge of the state's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The Monument is one of the grandest natural rock formations and spectacular protected wilderness reserves in the United States. As part of the growing Aman chain of worldwide resorts located in both remote and urban destinations, this 5-star hotel — known as Amangiri — is an entirely exotic, original experience for adventure-seeking and/or veteran world travelers; in fact, many people consider Amangiri the most exclusive secluded luxury lodging quarters in America.

Steinway: An American Icon

The history of classical music instruments incorporates any number of eminent and revered names, but among makers of pianos, one name is writ larger than all others combined: Steinway & Sons.

Emerging New Voice: Daniel Magariel

Every so often, a new author makes such a profound impact with their debut work that critics and readers can’t help but sit up and pay attention as it becomes clear that a major new talent has emerged on the literary scene. In 2017, writer Daniel Magariel was just such a talent, debuting his short novel One of the Boys early in the year to near-universal critical acclaim. The book has since won an Amazon Best Book award and was a Book Review Editors’ Choice of the New York Times.

Legendary Piano Builder: Santé Auriti

Of all the exterior pieces of a Steinway grand piano, the intricately carved legs with their decorative floral motifs are perhaps the most conspicuous, and on a Steinway grand — especially on the upper-range models such as the Louis XV and Chippendale series — the legs match the piano casing so well that, visually, it’s as if they were all carved from one giant, solid block of wood. While this isn’t physically possible, the illusion created by the instruments’ aesthetic owes much to the handiwork of one particularly dedicated Steinway craftsman: casemaker Santé Auriti.

monument valley photo

An Unforgettable Landscape: Monument Valley

If you ever watched Warner Brothers cartoons as a child, especially those with Bugs Bunny or the Road Runner, you likely remember the Western landscapes prominently featured in them, replete with spectacular canyons, cliffs and seemingly endless single-lane highways that trailed off into the distance.