What makes America extraordinary is what always has.

A freedom to challenge, disrupt and innovate combined with a passion for quality,
integrity and a great American story.

Amerifine has been created to capture this spirit.

American luxury, being the finest American designed and made products and services, has a unique advantage. Unrestricted by the outmoded heritage of European brands and with the benefit of a spirit of disruption, innovation and category dominance, the finest American brands are uniquely placed to use the best of the old, and new worlds.

Combining a breadth of expertise and knowledge, Amerifine has been created to find the finest American design and manufacturing stories, the products and the people behind them, and bring them to you on a single platform.

Amerifine is an educator and an experienced editor of the very best America has to offer. Committed to the thrill of discovery and a desire to uncover authentic, well loved icons of American craftsmanship and innovation.

Amerifine is inspired by and a champion of ‘Made in America’